Born in Barcelona in 1980, still in childhood starts to reveal interest in the image. From an autodidactic way improves it through the experimentation of analog photography. This permits to discover a personal language and one series of concerns that takes her to develop studies where the principal theme is the search of the harmony in her photographic captures.
Between photographic shots she loses her camera and continues to taking photographs by her imagination. During this time starts a short career as a volcanologist which permits her to travel through South America, Macaronésic islands and Indonesia, picking up images in her note taking. Later, after a communicative crisis with the outside decides to initiate in the audiovisual world to enrich and record her own visual exposure of the reality, because, for her, the camera represents a transitional object between her being and her environment. Says that behind a camera she transforms awakens and mobilizes giving security to face her doubts, fears and existential questions. The photograph, according to her, serves to transport us to a situation ever experienced by ourselves, and we can almost miraculously deposit in our memory as if we had lived. The picture remains the moment, while cinematography expands our field of perception, broadening the attention of our senses and enriching the reality of our sensations.

So in 2010 decides to overturn professionally and enters the audiovisual world. By 2011 begins to develop the idea for her first feature documentary (Se fa saber!), by the path of self-production.

In 2012 creates with musical producer Paolo Piras, the aZAs collective. Working alongside, in the audio and the visual, starts the study of harmony through proportional compositions based in math and geometry. Currently working with documentaries, conducting projects where social themes are developed from an experimental standpoint. Trying to find a personal language based on observation and reflection of her surroundings.

Zoraida Roselló